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Flexible_Loan_ProgramIf you have been around for a while, you certainly had a transaction jeopardized by a lender declining a loan while in escrow. Unfortunately, it happens a lot. With Big Banks being very picky, our Flexible Loan Programs have come to the rescue plenty of times. They have also been a popular way for Realtors to build their buyer business.


Our Flexible Loan Programs Provide Solutions To Qualifying Problems.

Program Highlights
  • Credit Fico Scores as low as 500. Previous BKs, Foreclosures allowed.
  • Income Higher Debt-to-income ratios
    (55% +) Stated Income options.
  • Down Payment As little as 3% down. Down Payment Assistance and Gift Funds.
  • Employment – 1 yr. Self Employed ok. Alternative proof of employments allowed.
  • Loan Amounts – Up to 3 million. 80% LTV to 2 million. 85% LTV (no MI)
  • Investment Propertties – Jumbo Loan Amounts. Cash-out available.

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