When you own 1-4 unit investment property or apartment buildings, you soon learn that big bank financing can be challenging and expensive.

Sure, they may have decent programs, you just have to understand that they will do everything they can to minimize risk. They will require you to provide your income tax documentation and proof of assets to qualify.

So, if you have a trophy property, perfect credit, tons of cash reserves, and strong tax returns, they will like you and your property.

If not, then you may want to consider an alternative ‘No Doc” investment property program. You will not be required to provide income tax returns for these programs.

Our company offers No Doc 1-4 unit property and apartment building loans. These programs are structured to be flexible enough to meet the needs of most real estate investors.

Here are some of the ways these programs are more flexible than bank financing:

  • No income documents required
  • Higher loan-to-values allowed
  • Lower credit scores allowed
  • Maximum cash-out allowed
  • Quick Approvals
  • 30 yr. fixed programs
  • Interest only options
  • Lend to trusts, partnerships and corporations

If you have a 1-4 unit investment property or apartment building that you are looking to finance, consider these programs. We use a “make sense” approach.

We work directly with the largest national wholesale banks to offer these No Doc investment property programs and can get your loan approved quickly.

Are you ready to see what these new No Doc investment property programs can do for you?

B BushSince 1991, Brian and his team have funded thousands of Real Estate Loans. You can reach Brian at 800-607-1941 x220 or bbush@slglends.com

* 1-4 unit investment property and apartment building loans offered nationwide except in: Arizona, Florida, North Carolina, North Dakota, Nebraska, New York, New Jersey, South Dakota and The District of Columbia.