VA Loans


VA Home Loans Offer YOU More Benefits Than Other Loans:

  • 100% Financing – No Down Payment or Equity Required
  • NO Monthy Mortgage Insurance
  • Lowest Interest Rates and Fees – Zero Points and Zero Lenders Fees Available
  • Easier Qualification – Lower Credit Scores Allowed


Why VA Home Loans Are Better

The Veterans Administration is the agency that awards benefits to Veterans from the United States Military. One of the best benefits available to military personnel, both active and retired, is be the VA Home Loan.

True 100% Home Loans

The VA Home Loan provides 100% financing for Veterans and Active Duty Personnel to purchase or refinance their residences. You get financing if you've been active in the military for 3 months during combat, or 180 days during peacetime for members of the Army, Navy, Air Force, and Marines.

Additionally, should you have served in The National Guard or Army reserve, you can qualify as well. If you are the surviving spouse of any military service member that has either died, is missing, or a prisoner of war, you may be eligible for a VA Home Loan.

More Flexibility

The VA home loan is a government guaranteed loan. The government won't put up the funds, but it does guarantee repayment for the lender should you default. This means that Veteran borrowers can save hundreds of dollars every month because there will not be any added mortgage insurance on top of the monthly mortgage payment.

Benefits of VA Home Loans Over Other Home Loans

Because the lender assumes a minimal amount of risk when funding VA home mortgages, the interest rate that you'll be charged is lower. In terms of interest, Veterans can save thousands of dollars over the life of their home loan by selecting the VA Home Loan instead of a traditional home loan. Furthermore, buyers with credit issues can be approved for VA Home Loans. Lower credit scores are allowed and the credit review process is limited.

There isn't a prepayment penalty for VA homeowners who would like to pay off early, usually by selling their property. Your VA guaranteed home loan is also assumable.

You can choose your loan type whenever you take out a VA Home Loan, either fixed or adjustable rate. Many borrowers prefer the predictability of the fixed rate payment, but some choose the adjustable rate mortgage because a lower interest rate is charged for that first few years.

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