Recent FHA Loan Approvals

For over 27 years, our team has been funding the “tough-to-approve” loans. If you are having trouble, getting approved for a home loan, we can help you.

Here are some of our recent FHA Loan Approvals:

Type: Purchase
Credit Score: 573
Loan Amount: $413,054
Qualifying Issues: Lower credit scores, multiple late payments and collection accounts within the past 12 months.

Type: Refinance
Credit Score: 538
Loan Amount: $450,752
Qualifying Issues: Lower score, recent BK, very little re-established credit.

Type: Purchase
Credit Score: 518
Loan Amount: $340,862
Qualifying Issues: Low 500 score with very little good credit history, mostly negative credit items from the past few years.

Type: Purchase
Credit Score: 588
Loan Amount: $574,887
Qualifying Issues: Lower score and higher debt-to-income qualifying ratios.

Type: Refinance
Credit Score: 581
Loan Amount: $279,812
Qualifying Issues: Very little credit history, taking large cash out amount out of recently inherited property.

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B BushPosted by: Brian Bush

Brian and his team have been funding Home Loans for over 27 years.
Since 1991, they have funded over 3,000 loans.

You can reach Brian at 800-607-1941 x220 or