Private Money Lenders In California

If you are looking for private money lenders in California, then it probably means you would like to get a loan quickly and avoid some of the normal bank and lender requirements and qualifications.

The good news is that private money loans are usually much more flexible when it comes to qualifying in the areas of credit history, property type, property use, etc.

Private Money Lenders and Equity

Private money loans are often referred to as equity loans and in some cases, hard money loans.

Most people think that private money lenders only care about equity. But these days, there are many private money lenders looking to fund loans and they all have their own likes and dislikes.

It's true, private money lenders are still much more flexible than banks, mortgage banks and other lenders.

But these days, most private money lenders are very picky with their credit qualifying requirements. Some are only looking for certain types of properties and others are looking for higher “credit quality” borrowers than ever before.

While equity or a large down payment (at least 25-30%) is always required, many private money lenders now have pretty strict guidelines when it comes to property types, property use and even credit scores.

That's right, some of the private money funds set minmum creidit score requirements on their programs.

Types of Private Money Lenders in California

There are a growing number of mortgage funds that are actively looking to make these loans in California. These mortgage funds get the money that they lend out by pooling investment money from different individual investors.

Of course, private individuals have been making these types of loans for decades.

So, these are the two major types of private money lenders, individual investors and mortgage funds.

Do they have similar lending guidelines and look for the same types of loans to make?

No, not always. As this marketplace has grown, so have the different types of private money loans.

Gone are the days of the old-fashioned equity loan. Meaning, if you had enough equity in a property, then there were usually plenty of private money lenders in California willing to take a risk with you because you had enough “skin in the game”.

Does this make it difficult for you to find the money you need? It may, if you do not know where to look or who to contact about your specific needs.

How to Get a Private Money Loan

You can spend a lot of time searching since most of the private money lenders in California do not have a high consumer profile (spending money on advertising and branding to attract business) and are not known or easily found by the general public.

Most of the private money lenders in California rely on companies, like ours who partner with them and bring them new loan applications to consider for funding.

Our management team has been together since 1991 and has specialized in these types of private money loans for over 25 years. We have hundreds of sources of private money and can help you secure the best loan terms for your situation.

Unlike other private money lenders, we don'y have credit score minimums. We offer alternative and limited documentation programs so that we can provide "make sense" loan approvals and keep things simple.

In just a few minutes, you can find out how much money we can approve you for, how much cash you will receive and what your monthly payments will be.

So, what are you waiting for? Are you ready to find out how our private money loans can help you?

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Posted by: Brian Bush

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