Obama Refinance Program – How It Can Help You

Is the Obama Refinance program going to help you?

It can. Especially if you have had difficulty refinancing in the past few years due to lack of equity or below average credit.

In fact, the Obama Refinance program (also known as The Home Affordable Refinance Program or HARP) was created in 2009 just to help these homeowners.

This program makes qualifying for the loan much easier. 

It was created as a temporary program and even though it has been extended a few times, it will end soon.

After the financial crisis, mortgage loans became extremly hard to qualify for. Because of delinquencies, lenders were forced to tighten their qualifying guidelines and hundreds of loan programs were eliminated.

You can avoid the strict qualifying guidelines that apply to other loans by using the Obama Refinance program.

This Program does not require you to have equity in your property or perfect credit.

In fact, you can even be upside down with a below average credit history.

So…What's the catch?

Most of the requirements have to do with when your current loan was put in place and who owns the note.

How can you use the Obama Refinance Program?

Big banks that are currently holding the older, higher interest rate loans are in no hurry to pay these off, as long a they are not delinquent. They often will not promote or even offer this program as an option to you.

There are however, companies like ours, who work directly with the largest wholesale mortgage companies in the nation to offer these HARP loans to you.

In fact, we have been specializing in The Obama Refinance Program since the program was released.

In conclusion, you don't need any equity, perfect credit, cash reserves or a large amount of qualifying income. This program is temporary and may end soon.

So what are you waiting for?

Are you ready to see how the Obama Refinance program can help you?

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B Bush

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