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I know it's more fun to look at homes than it is to figure out how to afford them.

But, if you are going to be successful in your quest to become a homeowner, it's a good idea to figure out how much money you will need and what your payments will be so there will be no surprises.

As you are aware, there are different financing options available. Some require little or no down payment and some allow less than perfect credit. Find out which programs are best for your situation.

This class covers what you need to know and what you need to do before you begin your new home search. The class is short (usually 30 minutes), but contains a lot of valuable information.

Learn how to get pre-approved for your loan, find a property, make an offer and close escrow.

In 25 years of working with first time home buyers, I have found that they appreciate up-front advice on how to afford their first home.

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What is covered in the First Time Home Buyer Class
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Loan Pre-Approval

  • Credit – the basic requirements and which programs allow lower credit scores
  • Income – learn how much income you will need to qualify
  • Employment History – get the requirements
  • Down Payment – get information on the zero down and little down programs
  • Savings and Reserves – how much, if any you will need

Making an Offer

  • Pre Approval letter – why you need this and how to get it
  • Sales Comparables – how to get and review the recent sales of similar neighborhood properties
  • Terms – understand what you will be responsible for

Escrow and Closing

  • Escrow – what will be required of you once you open escrow
  • Inspections – which property inspections most borrowers complete
  • Closing – what happens at closing

B BushInstructor: Brian Bush
Brian and his team have been working with First Time Home Buyers since 1991 and have funded over 2,000 loans.
You can reach Brian at 800-607-1941 x220 or