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Are you a California First Time Home Buyer Looking for a Down Payment Assistance Program? 

Our programs allow you to finance up to 100% of the purchase of your new home.

Having a large enough down payment is the number one reason why California first time home buyers say that they are waiting to buy.

Increasing rents and low mortgage rates make buying a home now for many more affordable than renting.

I am sure you are aware of the obvious advantages of home ownership. But, let's focus on just the financial aspect for now.

Recent economic forecasts suggest that rents will continue to rise. Most major cities across the nation will have less affordable rental housing in the next year.

But, If you purchase a home and get a thirty year fixed mortgage, you will lock in your housing payment for the next thirty years!

California first time home buyer

And, of course rents will not remain the same for the next thirty years.

Purchasing a home allows you to fix and stabilize the largest part of your monthly housing payment for the next thirty years.

Yes, your property taxes and homeowners insurance can go up, but the monthly principal and interest payment will reamin the same with your fixed rate loan.

Also, your property value will increase over time so you will build up equity. Your income should increase as well. 

With a fixed monthly mortgage payment, your monthly housing expenses will become more affordable over time by owning your home.

Unlike the major banks, we provide these first time home buyer down payment assistance programs. We have specialized in these types of loans since 1991.

In most cases, you can put nothing down and have very little in other costs. We are able to work with you and the seller to structure these purchase transactions.

Are you ready to find out how our programs can help you afford a new home?

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Posted by: Brian Bush

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