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Credit – Low scores, late payments, recent BKs, FC, etc. Solution Based Lending Expanded credit guidelines for exception based lending
Down Payment / Equity – Little available or from untraditional sources Solution Based Lending High loan-to-value programs available
Income – High debt-to-income ratios or unable to document Solution Based Lending Higher ratios and alternative documentation (including stated) allowed
Employment History – Unable to demonstrate stability Solution Based Lending Flexible proof of employment history
Property – Issues with property type, condition or valuation Solution Based Lending

Programs for most property types

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Why Every Purchase Offer Should Include A DU Approval

Are purchase offers still submitted with Pre-Qualification letters and not actual Loan Pre-Approvals? I hope not. There is no good reason for a buyer or buyer’s agent not to submit a Pre-Approval, at least a copy of a Fannie Mae Desktop Underwriter (DU) approval. You probably see DU approvals, but are you reviewing them? MostContinue Reading